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Thread: Warping and sync is ruining the game play of Tribes: Ascend

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    Warping and sync is ruining the game play of Tribes: Ascend

    I have started playing Tribes: Ascend and have found that there are no of bug in the my second game, I was really expecting to get a 'clean' bug free game but then it does not seem with the Tribes: Ascend, below are the major issues that I have come across.
    When I am starting the game then I am able to move around use weaponry and call out targets without any issues but then I don’t know for what reason the character is just staying at the spawn point because of which I am not able to move to the flag and at this state I am just not able to repair or damage targets and even place deploy-able, the character is just appearing as if it is remaining stationary for the other people to attack, when I check out where I have spawned and fire a mortar then it is firing from the spawn location but the character is appearing to be not moving at all but then if people attack the position I spawned then I die.
    The other issues is the Constant warping banding, here I am able to get good ping but then I am just plagued with warping, when I am using the jetpack then it is not getting turned off until the energy is getting depleted, I am able to use the sniper rifle as well but then I have found that this happens sometime from the beginning of the game and sometime after 5 minutes of starting the game.

    I have tried changing the in game settings, updating the driver and reinstalling and repairing the game as well but then they does not seem to be making any difference, other than this I have also checked out the ports and the firewall settings and using other router as well and even they did not helped, I have been playing other game on the same system but then I have never faced any such issues so far, I think I will have to now quit this game and move to some other if anyone is not able to help me out solving out this issue soon, my system specification are as followed:
    • Windows 7, 64Bit.
    • Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz.
    • 6 GB Ram.
    • Geforce GTX580.

    Is there anyone who can help me out with some workaround??

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    re: Warping and sync is ruining the game play of Tribes: Ascend

    I have been facing the same issues that you have mentioned but then today the condition have gone worse, I have been facing Synch issues very frequently since after the match loads, from the client side I am able to run and use hitscan weapons but then the other players are just finding me to be standing/firing from where I spawned, I am really running out of ideas and I donít know what is the issue all about, it seems as if there is something going on behind the scenes, I have also tried installing the latest patch as well as the graphics drivers in my case which is graphics drivers and nVidia Drivers Version 295.73 respectively, the second game is just having too many issues, first game was just perfect.

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    re: Warping and sync is ruining the game play of Tribes: Ascend

    The issues that you guys have mentioned are appearing to be caused by the networking, I just wanted to know that are you both using a wireless card which can result in packet loss if yes then you can check out the it is really a good place to check out the packet loss being in a general network situation, I also wanted to add that if you have set your firewall with the Tribes as an exception then there might be something else that is causing such issues and you will have to try out port forwarding in your router for the Tribes ports, there are even possibilities that there is something wrong in the game but then to confirm it out, just check out the things I have suggested and see if they are making any difference.

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    re: Warping and sync is ruining the game play of Tribes: Ascend

    I think that there is surely something wrong with the game because I have been running in to the described issues from the day I had preorder, anyways in my vase I am using a wired card and I have made sure that there are no downloads and programs running in the background while playing the game, I donít think that there is any packet loss as the ports are open and I have also checked out the firewalls several times, I have been looking out after a solution for the same in other forums as well and had found a no of people having the same issue but then some people had suggested me to do alt-tab at that time as the same had solved their issue but then when I tried it out then it did not made any difference in my case, it had just solved out the synch ghost' issue for sometime but then the game is still unplayable after warping, is there anything I can try out to get rid of this issue?? Any help regarding the same will be highly appreciated.

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