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Thread: Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

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    Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    Before the release of Ridge Racer Unbounded saw its trailer in which there was a cop car seen. I thought that it will have the racer being chased by cop missions and races like in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I was also expecting a great role of cop cars in this game. But after I purchased the game and started playing it, I havenít seen a single cop car in the whole city. It must because Iím in the beginning of the game and havenít reached the higher levels. I wanted to ask the players who have reached in the further part of the game, if are there any cops in the game?

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    Re: Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    No, there are no cops in the game. There are no cop chases till where I have reached. But there is a mission where one needs to drive a truck and trample the cops who come in our way. Also there are only some specific missions in which you are chased by the cops. But unlike Need for Speed: Most Wanted, there are no cop chases in free roam or in between most of the races. Also there is a mission where you play as a cop and smash the cars of other racers. Thatís the only part in which you will see a cop car I this game.

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    Re: Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    I too think that the game should have cop cars. Cops add a different flavor to games which has street racing as its theme. Also with involvement of cop cars in the game, the developers could have increased the amount of destruction that is done in the game. Cops would have been a good addition to the race other than the racers; they would have acted as disruption. Imagine you are targeting an opponentís car to smash and then suddenly a cop comes in between. You will try avoiding cop so that your power is not wasted on destroying cop car instead of opponentís car. This will add more of challenging part to the game.

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    Re: Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    The concept of having cop cars as disrupters in the race is not good. The AI is made so hard to beat by the developers that it itself becomes a big challenge. To add to this difficulty if cops are introduced, then the game will become impossible to play.

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    Re: Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    The hardware requirement of this game is a bit steep. It needs a high end PC to play on. If the cops are added, then it will call for more models in the scene, more models means more texture. This will also need more animation and visual effects to take place in the scene. To make all this work smoothly, higher end hardware will be required. SO if cops are added, many gamers will stay away from the game due to steep requirement of hardware resources. This cop car gameplay wonít go fine with gamers who use PC as their console.

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    Re: Cop chases in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    The above replies are asking for cop cars in game just to be treated as some object for destruction. Putting cops will require developers to invest more time and resources on development. To account for this investment, theyíll need to increase the price of the game. This will again keep many gamers away from the game.

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