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Thread: Complete removal of old games from Steam

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    Complete removal of old games from Steam

    I am regular user of Steam. I download game and have uploaded a couple of games that I have developed. But every time I visit Steam, I find that good games and the games uploaded by me are difficult to find. When they are finally found, they are at the middle of thrash games, which were rarely downloaded and no review is available. Steam should develop an algorithm where the least downloaded games will be automatically deleted. This will help the good games remain on top. Do others feel the same way?

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    Re: Complete removal of old games from Steam

    I too agree with it. Many times I have noticed that the spammers upload existing games again with different name. This adds to the cluster of the game. Steam must delete the useless games after every short period of time. Many bad games surround the good games making people ignore the good games. They should at least provide a filter to sort out the games based on downloads or review.

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    Re: Complete removal of old games from Steam

    Steam should provide an option for users where they can report a bad game. Enough reports against the game and the game should be automatically removed. But this will also be a drawback as some may report good games too. Valve may also earn money on it. If some game is not getting enough downloads and is on verge of removal, then Valve can give an option to pay money and avoid its deletion.

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