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Thread: Mario Party 9 Save Files

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    Mario Party 9 Save Files

    Do you have noticed more than one save file? I found that you can create around 3 save files in the older version of mario party. I think there should be only one save file in the game. what do you thinking about the same? it seems to be disappointing. I used to create 3 save files and played the al modes. However the developers has provided only 1 save file in this particular version of the game. if you are having comments then let me know as early as possible. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Mario Party 9 Save Files

    Yes in Mario Party 9 we are having only one save file. You will not be able to erase your progress done in the game such as things you have purchased. You can not do that until and unless you have selected delete Mario Party 9 from Wii Channel Settings.

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    Re: Mario Party 9 Save Files

    Personally I did not cared to have multiple save files. I used multiple save files to play multiple games at single attempt. it was also useful to give the savefile in case he is not interested to play the game. even you can use the same to unlock the stuffs with the help of your friends.
    You will be able to stop your progress in the story mode after the board and you are ready to go for the next mode. However the developer of the game has not implemented that particular option in the game.

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    Re: Mario Party 9 Save Files

    I do agree that every single Mario game was having the above mentioned feature. but they did not done it in Mario Party 9 sine they felt that people would complete the game at a single shot. Also I noticed that it is taking around 30 to 45 min to complete one board as the game is linear. Could be longer as some of the mini games take more time to complete. To have single savefile seems to be more than enough.

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    Re: Mario Party 9 Save Files

    I would appreciate the developer of the game if there are 3 save file in the game. Particularly 3 for the story mode another one should be a used for a keep a record for minigame records and last for unlockables global.

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