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Thread: Hitmarker in The Darkness II

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    Hitmarker in The Darkness II

    I have been playing the darkness II for long time now to notice that there is a Hitmarker in the game. What is the use of Hitmarker in game like The Darkness II. I think the concept of having a Hitmarker is dumb, If I am aiming at the enemy, I am sure to hurt him, why the notification for the hit. I donít think anybody will attack in mid air to notify them about their attack not damaging the enemy. Does anybody else think that Hitmarker is necessary in The Darkness II?

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    Re: Hitmarker in The Darkness II

    This game is basically meant for playing through the story and not for display of talent in how well one can shoot enemies with the virtual gun. The gun doesnít even require using much of gun. You can play the game using the dark powers only. If you need a good shooter game where no notification about you hitting enemy or not will be show, then you should try playing Call of Duty. The Hitmarker is part of this game since its first installment. In the first part, it was a dot with a cross as the Hitmarker. In the second installment, it is circle with a cross appearing inside it every time you hit an enemy.

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    Re: Hitmarker in The Darkness II

    I think that the Hitmarker is making the game dumb. Who likes to play the game which tells the player when he is hitting an enemy and when not? I think Hitmarker is the reason people think that the game is too easy. I find that Hitmarker irritating. The developers must provide an option to disable it. I donít just fire around blankly for game to correct me when and where to shoot. The HUD can be turned off if you have problem with Hitmarker. But again, disabling the HUD disables other useful components too.

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