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Thread: How to reset PixelJunk Eden game?

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    How to reset PixelJunk Eden game?

    One day I was playing Pixejunk eden game but unfortunately it stopped working. Is there any way to start my game from scratch because I am unable to see any option? I really like this game I donítí want to leave this game, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it doesnít work. Can anyone tell me how to solve it?

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    Re: How to reset PixelJunk Eden game?

    if you want return the game back to in that way when it was first installed it. for that you need to rename the game folder and let the stream to recreate the default Installation.if you want to do this follow this steps it will help you.C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<account>\condition zero here in this you have to rename the condition Zero folder to like this C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<account>\~condition zero. whenever you run the steam and click on the condition Zero in the game menu then it automatically create default installation which should be exactly look like your previously Installed game. if you want to use any custom setting for that you have to re-configure key binds. after doing this if you feel that everything looks fine then you can delete ~condition zero folder. if you have any custom content which you want it for this you have to move it before deleting.

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