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Thread: Code for downloadable content of Alan Wake is wrong

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    Code for downloadable content of Alan Wake is wrong

    I purchased a copy of Alan Wake for XBOX 360. In the packet was the game disc, the manual and a sealed code for downloadable content. I live in Chile and my account is registered on XBOX 360 live Chile. I entered the code at XBOX 360 live, but it is saying that code entered is wrong. How do I redeem the downloadable content?

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    Re: Code for downloadable content of Alan Wake is wrong

    Your code is not being accepted because the downloadable content for Alan Wake is not available for your country. Chile is one of the countries newly registered for XBOX 360 live. So, downloadable contents and some functions will not be available soon.
    If you need the downloadable content, you can create another account on XBOX 360 live U.S.A. and download the content from their server.

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