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Thread: Help in downloading Limited edition extra content

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    Help in downloading Limited edition extra content

    I recently purchased XBOX 360 and I am new to its use. I never had used XBOX 360 before. I purchased Alan Wake limited edition game for my XBOX 360. In its manual, it was mentioned that this game consists some free material which includes some bonus pictures and themes available for free on XBOX market for users with limited edition of the game. I accessed XBOX market and found the free stuff, but I am unable to get it. How do I get the free stuff?

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    Re: Help in downloading Limited edition extra content

    You must have received a bonus disc along with that pack. Put that disc in your XBOX 360 and unlock the free stuff by accessing it. Once done, go to XBOX Dashboard ten go in Memory. In the memory of your device you will find the free stuff that is downloaded.

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    Re: Help in downloading Limited edition extra content

    One can use that gamer pics. Follow the steps below,
    1) Press the guide button.
    2) Go to profile.
    3) Find Edit Profile option
    4) Change the gamer pic.

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