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Thread: Hiding Gifts in Zynga Hidden Chronicles

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    Hiding Gifts in Zynga Hidden Chronicles

    I was just reading the direction and I thought that there must be pop up that invites you to hide the gift on your neighbor’s estate. It should work because I received one today. But I have visited my neighbor quite a few times today and not got something that informs me to hide a gift. Can somebody explain what I am doing wrong? I liked the game and I found that this game is similar to Gardens of Time that I have enjoyed for times.

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    Re: Hiding Gifts in Zynga Hidden Chronicles

    If you get that there is green gift on the upper left corner then you must not bother to click that one. It will not do anything. You can just hide one gift per neighbor every day and while your time has reset for that neighbor then you should get a pop up that provides you 1 energy, 1 Rep etc and informing you to hide the gift.

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    Re: Hiding Gifts in Zynga Hidden Chronicles

    I am not very sure about this but I think that there is some limit to hide the number of gifts each day and if this is true then there is no option for you other than waiting for next day.

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