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Old 15-01-2012
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Which is the Best Wii Games on 2011 year

This is the list of Best Wii Games on 2011 year:

Skylander Spyro's Adventure

In Skylander Spyro's adventure you are looking for parts for a magic core of light, with chasing the villain Kaos. The fact you has turned into toy figures and exiled in our real world. The Skyland, which denies the adventure in the pursuer's perspective, have very different abilities. Spyro the Dragon is part of the magic element may breathe fire and fly even later. Grunt is a fish barbecue on the other hand. Its element is water, so that shortens their time with him over a pond. Trigger Happy is a gun nut and therefore particularly well in the long struggle. Special feature: Extend your heroes series by in the toy and electronics business figures to re-buy and imported them into your video games. The adventure is as well, just some areas but you would otherwise remain verborgen.

WWE 12

In '12 WWE you are allowed to muscle mountains like Triple H, The Rock, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and the Undertaker in the ring. The fighting game has many varied game modes. So you would in three stories as a villain or hero outsider to make the world of wrestling uncertain. Also, the lock system is expanded further. So you actually pulls the rudder around even when applying your comparison just a special attack. Anyone who has internalized the many keyboard shortcuts and chain handles even sent soon with ease so many wrestlers ace on the boards. Conclusion: In the real successor to WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw tinkers own many of their own content. The different modes provide long-term motivation.

Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix you can look at basketball, hockey, volleyball and dodgeball fun. The sport offers you additional simulation per a mini-game, which makes them particularly in multi-player mode a lot of fun. When hothead hockey are as up to four players on a circular surface and repel each other down. Or you will be at the League Brawl exposed to a hail of bombs and explosive charges should try to avoid. The characters are drawn from the Mario universe. In addition to Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser or Donkey Kong on their progress through the game without even more figures. You play either using just the Wii Remote. No matter what control you choose, it goes fast you by the hand and works fine. Conclusion: Action-packed sports game collection with your favorite Nintendo characters, which makes especially in multi-player mode a lot of fun.

Conduit 2

In Conduit 2 chases into the role of hero Michael Ford the top-aliens John Adams. The successor of The Conduit will lead you to a stormy oil rig in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. From a first person point of view of Ford you stand all sorts of alien enemies. Often the game calls it your tactical skills. Who fired blindly to get is not far. This is especially true for the boss fights. Right at the beginning of fight a mutated sea serpent, which ye shall keep the guns aboard the oil rig at bay. To decimate your enemies you are classic weapons like machine gun or shotgun available. But fire also bizarre alien weapons, fire the caustic biomass, screaming mite larvae or even absorb enemy projectiles and return the parcel. Conclusion: All-round improved sequel to the Wii shooter. Exciting, technically excellent and provided with good control.

LEGO - Pirates of the Caribbean

Lego - Pirates of the Caribbean you step into the role of Captain Jack Sparrow and plays to the stories of the four known "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. Even characters like Elizabeth Swan, and William Turner, and the villains Davy Jones and Blackbeard have transformed the developers in the Lego universe. The action adventure has indeed like Lego games no voice, yet you recognize the quirks of the characters easily back to the original true gestures. However, you should know the film templates in order to understand the humor and action in the game. Thus you Jack accompanied in the pursuer's perspective through Port Royal, situated in Tortuga together a crew or fights on the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman for your life. Conclusion: The unchanged Lego gameplay suits the crazy pirate backdrop. If you've always wanted to be involved in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" universe is come to the right place.

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Old 15-01-2012
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Re: Which is the Best Wii Games on 2011 year

Mario & Sonic 2012 London

Mario & Sonic 2012 London transgress it either with your own Mii character in the Olympic competition, or take on the role of the two title heroes. Besides Mario and Sonic, all followers of the title character is playable. For example, Luigi, Yoshi, Tails, Dr. Eggman or Bowser. The sports game collection includes new disciplines such as football, show jumping and canoeing. The 100-meter dash, water sports and table tennis are also jazzed form there again. A simple design and simple controls make deposits for less than whip in Mario and Sonic - Olympic Winter Games . All tasks can be completed easily with the Wii remote. Optionally, the game also offers a slightly more complex variation with the Nunchuk. Conclusion: The party sports game is the predecessor in terms of scale and multi-player mode in the shade. From the Olympics!

Rayman Origins

In Rayman Origins , there are two worlds. the earth is green a jungle paradise, situated underneath the underworld. The balance of both is dependent on the sleep of dreams blower. Because of this higher being but is plagued by nightmares, Rayman and his friends must take action to eliminate the chaos in the upper world. In the two-dimensional worlds are very diverse. A lot of fun coming up in the multiplayer mode. Can together with Rayman's best friend Globox and two small lengths team in the world is either unsafe or bashing you, there's no tomorrow. Conclusion: Rayman Origins mutated in multiplayer mode to a real party hit, but also believe in solo mode. Lot of humor and great graphics make the best experience.


In Xenoblade attack the Mechons, mechanical Mechonis residents, the residents of Bionis. Shulk and his friends live peacefully on the petrified body of the Titans Bionis. Who fought long ago against the Giants Mechonis. The Giants have long been frozen in its last movement, yet the war goes on. The Japanese-RPG offers you a huge game world. In addition to biting opponents also harmless herbivores abound in the spacious areas. Independent access to your characters at regular intervals. You control a character, and should determine their position and special attacks. The latter may determine the success of your maneuvers, as some may be more effective attacks from behind than from the front. Conclusion: Wii RPG of the Year from Japan, with sympathetic characters and expansive game world, even the competition on Xbox 360 and PS3 look old.


The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword itself does link up again to save Princess Zelda. In the action-adventure follows the silent heroes in the first named pursuer's perspective through a floating island complex clouds Hort. Using a giant bird riding also explored the world below the clouds. More precisely, three major regions of the earth. Phirone of the forest, the volcano and the desert Ranelle Edin. The puzzles in the temples are refined and well guarded. The opponents have been upgraded considerably. Lists so their armed orcs and lizards only targeted hits. You their moves with the Wii Motion Plus to the body, which leads like a real sword. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal cuts and stitches in the game is the link to get exactly right-handed. Conclusion: Nintendo's imaginative adventure masterpiece boasts intuitive swordplay, and more fun as the Wii proves their last respects. This will be a Wii game of the year.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is a football simulation on the Wii. The app has a new artificial intelligence and allows you to control any player on the ground. The official license of the Europa League and Champions League are available. with regard to the sport by far the most loved by all people that is Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. The 2012 version focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) that offers a unique sensation racing through intelligent and thoughtful investments.

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Old 19-01-2012
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Re: Which is the Best Wii Games on 2011 year

The Last Story:
The Last Story is a game of action-RPG for Wii. Elza and his fellow mercenaries must face the terrible Gurg in a title to the constant action. The combat system requires you to protect your comrades at any cost by attracting the enemies thanks to Gathering. A multiplayer mode allows you to take part in raids in cooperation or in versus matches.

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Old 05-02-2012
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Re: Which is the Best Wii Games on 2011 year

Mario Sports Mix is the best video Game ever for me......I have played this game many time and I think this is the best more entertaining game ever..............
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