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Thread: Batman: Arkham City first playthrough what to choose normal or hard

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    Batman: Arkham City first playthrough what to choose normal or hard

    I am going to play Batman: Arkham City for the first time. So just to start what would be the best thing to do. Should I go wit normal or with hard. I do not want to play the game again and again. My friends are asking me to play at the hard mode. But that would be more competitive. What mode you are playing and why. I had played the old series of batman game.

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    Play the game in normal mode. That is quiet more easier for you to start. If you jump to hard mode you won't be able to enjoy it. There are many twist and turns in the game and at some point you have to act smartly. At hard level it will be complicated for you to beat the enemies. So just go ahead with the normal mode with basic settings. This would be more easier and better. The game is amazing. You won't be able to enjoy in hard level. Play the normal level first and then go ahead with hard.

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    The choice of mode depends on you. If you are a killed player then surely the game will work fine and you will not face any problem with it. But if you are new to the gameplay then it is better to stick with the normal mode. I had done with playing in the first mode and now I am going to start the same again in hard mode. This will be simply more easier and better option. As you more you will keep on learning new things. That makes this game more better.

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    I am going to play on the normal first and once I know everything the I will play with the hard mode. I had played a few levels of start and the game really looks amazing. When you play at a easy mode first you are able to guess what is going to be the next thing. And you can keep yourself ready for the same. But if you directly start with the tough one then it will be not easy for you to play. Just start the game and if you think you are able to tackle the enemies then you switch back to hard from start.

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    Going to the hard way is what make you a pro gamer. Easy or normal mode is for all. Batman: Arkham City produces more challenge when you are in the hard mode. You will really enjoy the gameplay in that. And when you are stuck somewhere you can try checking out a video on the same. You ca find ample of simple gameplay videos that can tell you want is going to happen next. In this way you can easily finish off the game.

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