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Thread: Lip sync in Batman: Arkham City

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    Lip sync in Batman: Arkham City

    I just play Batman: Arkham City and what I see is, characters lips are syncing even after completing the dialogs. So its looks bit odd and I really donít know what actually the problem is. I mean is this problem with my graphic card or with my system or itís a bug in game?

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    Re: Lip sync in Batman: Arkham City

    Actually I also had the same trouble with mine, but I just fixed it via trial and error, attempt disabling the below: Anti-Aliasing, Direct x 11 Features, and Ambient Occusion. Thatís what I broken up with after a few fiddling, if doesnít work attempt disabling other features, or altering the detail level. My settings are on max; I am as well using an ati graphic card.

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    Re: Lip sync in Batman: Arkham City

    Later than setup the beta drivers in batman Arkham city's case (detached the lag troubles I had) , all the additional games I have are running on max settings and I have a few of the newest and most admired games including Crysis 2, Skyrim, etc. you name it I perhaps have running on max.

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