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Thread: Difficulty with the Universe mode in WWE 12

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    Difficulty with the Universe mode in WWE 12

    HI guys I am having some difficulty with the Universe mode in present in WWE 12. At whatever time I have a match within Universe mode a line come into view within the middle of the mat, and occasionally during the match a grey shadow will occupied half the ring, somebody else having this difficulty? In exhibition itís usual simply at what time I go within Unverse mode it does with the intention of.

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    Re: Difficulty with the Universe mode in WWE 12

    I think itís a issue of game copy. Because I am not facing any issue with my game. so I will suggest you to bring back your game copy to the store and ask them for the replacement or refund. And even you have to ensure that it isnít your console mode. I hope this will help you.

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    Re: Difficulty with the Universe mode in WWE 12

    Hi everyone even I faced the same issue with my game but I think itís not getting anymore. Today at what time me and one of my friend were playing this game my friend was doing CM punk vs. swagger match and in addition punk randomly started floating into air and drafting out in the crowd. The weirdest thing is again we restart the match and at that moment the whole thing appeared fine.

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