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Thread: Saints Row 3 Controller support broken

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    Saints Row 3 Controller support broken

    I am looking to buy Saints Row The Third for my computer. I am also planning to purchase a Xbox 360 controller for my pc. I have heard that many people are facing issues while playing this game with the xbox controller. Steam also says that Saints Row has only partial controller support, so what does this mean actually? Can anyone tell me whether I can play this game with controller support or not? Thanks

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    Re: Saints Row 3 Controller support broken

    Well, if you are playing this game primarily on your comuter then purchasing a xbox 360 controller for pc is a waste of money since you will play the game more precisely with a keyboard and a mouse. I used to play GTA game with a controller long time back but later I disconnected it and started playing with the mouse and keyboard because it was too much unresponsive.

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    Re: Saints Row 3 Controller support broken

    There is a way to get the xbox 360 controller to work properly for playing Saint Rows The Third game in your pc. All you need to do is go into the games folder here - Steam\Steamapps\Common\Saints Row the Third and then open display.ini. After that find a line called InputDeviceAutoDetect = True. Just ensure that it is on True and not on False. Check if the controller works now, if it doesnt then there is something wrong with your controller.

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    First install the game and then check if the controller is working for you or not because for most people it is working. If it is not working then try to verify the cache of the game and it will repair Saints Row 3. To do that right click on the game and then go to Properties and then Local Files and then Check Integrity. If this doesnt solve the issue then try to re-download the game and install it again.

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