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Thread: Do you know any reason to purchase MvC3 now?

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    Do you know any reason to purchase MvC3 now?

    Let me know if you are aware of the reason regarding the purchasing of UMvC? I am able to get this particular game for $15 and also there will be unlockable mode of the game. So let me know if you are aware of any reason on this particular matter. thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Do you know any reason to purchase MvC3 now?

    If you are having MVC3 and UMVC3 is getting released then I wanted to tell you that the character in the game will be unlocked.
    If you are having the money to burn then you will be able to get the couple of gameplay between now and then. Video games are supposed to give the best return investment if you are getting great entertainment while playing the same.

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    Re: Do you know any reason to purchase MvC3 now?

    I donít agree with you. no one is supposed to looking forward to unlock the game.
    as there will be releasing of UMVC3. You have to decide whether you wanted to purchase the $5 copy of the MVC3 for the bonus. I am wondering that people are going to get great fun once they have started to play this particular game. if you are having any doubt regarding this particular game then I recommend that you should ask the same over here. I will try my best to solve the query of yours over here.

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