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Thread: Maxed Enchanting and Blacksmithing create imbalanced weapons / armor in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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    Maxed Enchanting and Blacksmithing create imbalanced weapons / armor in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    When combining maxed enchanting + black smithing you can make a hacked items. With my axe I can just shot 2 dragons with power attacks or one shot them with a berzerking power attack on master difficulty. Before I had these items I was playing on Adept difficulty it wasn't too hard but it wasn't a complete pushover. Now on master difficulty it's just auto win against everything and it's made the game no fun to play. In closing if you want the game to remain fun don't make the best armor / weapon you can in the game because it will make the game no fun since it's horribly, imbalanced.

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    Complaining that the best items in the game are overpowered is pretty silly. You've gone out of your way to create the problem you're complaining about. I can 3 shot dragons with a dual wield power attack using just 2 non-improved, non-enchanted Steel War Axes. I don't think anything else being more powerful really matters. When you level up and get better weapons/skills the game world should feel easier to traverse, while still being dangerous in some areas.

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    In Morrowind, if you wanted to, you could become a god. I missed that in Oblivion. I was thinking about doing the enchanting rout, but now I will avoid it and stick to smithing. I just don't like games being too easy. This is what made me stop playing Oblivion. I somehow stumbled upon the fact that I can avoid leveling by not sleeping while still allowing all my skills to increase. I wanted a little upper hand, but didn't know when to stop. End result, everything was too easy.

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    In a proper RPG, new characters should be squishy and die often. Old characters should be in one of the following:

    1. Poorly leveled - easily killed. Advanced players will enjoy the constant challenge, new players will rage quit.
    2. Naturally leveled - able to easily kill most enemies, but still challenged by high end enemies and bosses.
    3. Power leveled - A walking god, capable of rampant destruction when messing around or total annihilation when actually trying.

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    You can go pure mage and not use summons but it will be a bit harder because mobs will attack you not the companion/summon so you will need illusion, alteration and destruction a lot. Alteration has a 80% psychical damage reduction spell and resist magic perks to keep you alive longer. Still you will need to enchant your gear and use potions ( no need to perk alchemy/smithing/enchant ) to have some helpful bonuses. You can make a heavy armor mage that has 0 mana casting on 2 major spell trees like con/destruction or alteration/destruction and just spam 2 artnochs + highest destruction magic you like or spam the 80% less psychical damage from alteration and go close combat with a blade/blade - blade/spell - spell/spell combo.

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