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Thread: Infinite money glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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    Infinite money glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Anyone found any glitch in this game yet? I just wonder how long itís going to be till somebody finds an infinite money or exp glitch. Anyone have any kind of hint about this?

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    Re: Infinite money glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Usually the glitches are so weird though that I have no idea how anybody figures them out in the first place. "Kill ten squidbears and collect only one tentacle from each individual squidbear, then go to the king mudcrab vendor and sell two tentacles. When he has two tentacles in his inventory open up the sell menu and press back, up, back, down, x, x, x in under five milliseconds. Make sure to keep you thumb on the right trigger and your nose pressing down on the d-pad while doing all this. You should now notice that you now have 2 more gold pieces than you should have and the tentacles you sold are now back in your inventory, repeat a million more times for infinite gold."

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    Re: Infinite money glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    One of the Oblivion dupe glitches can be found by taking an item from one of a few specific chests, putting it back after finding out that it's not so great, and then picking it up again in order to sell it. Another could be found by trying to reverse pickpocket a stack of items that can't be reverse pick pocketed, followed by an item that can. Another could be found by having one of a large number of specific items on hotkey, then using that hotkey after giving the item to an NPC. Another could be found by repairing certain items that should not be possible to repair, but does actually make sense to try. Another could be found by pickpocketing a certain NPC and noticing that the gold doesn't go away.

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    Re: Infinite money glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    When you got a million people playing the game, someone will stumble on something, but most of the time it's discovered by people who have managed to get a look at the source code, hackers, they are people who do it as a hobby.

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    Arrow Confirmed Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim free xp glitch

    Ok so this was a totally serendipitous event. You can use this glitch to gain approximately 5 or 6 lvls for free using a trainer. It is located at the beginning of the game, after your stay of execution and escape with the nord. Follow him to the first city and look for the guy in town with a bow. Talk to him and add him as a companion. Next you are going to train in your archery skill through him as many times as possible, then talk to him and switch weapons, take your gold back and repeat the process. You can only boost your archery to his level through training but this gained me and one other person 5 levels each. Happy hunting.

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    Re: Infinite money glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    -XBOX360 -

    I have found two Glitches for gold, and a glitch for weapon and spell skill up.

    One glitch for gold. Join the storm cloaks and finish of the quest chain. Ulfric gives you a free house, or so he says he does, that house that you get has three armor statures or mannequin (Save before you enter the house the first time, so you can relaod and complete till glitch works). place the highest quality armor suits on them, all of them. Leave the house and come back inside, remove the armor. Leave the house and then go back inside. If the glitch worked all the mannequins should still be equipt with the items you just took off of them. Eh, infinite money.

    I am only telling that one, the other is a 100% work every time I wont share! Cause I want you people to enjoy the game the way it was intended.

    - Other glitch -

    To get your weapon attach up and offensive effects up, find a quest giver character, one that you can actually have as a companion, take them out into a dungeon or enery area and release them from you so they again become just and NPC.... now KILL THEM, and kill them and kill them and kill them, over and over and over.

    See why they are not your companion, you skill up off them, also when you drop them to 0 life they just crouch and act hurt, once they stand up, the npc resets as if you never attacked him. Rinse and repeat.

    thats all I am givin for now.

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