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Thread: The water effects in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

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    The water effects in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    I really liked the game and have very enjoyable time with this game but I would like to tell you al that I bought this game solely for the water effects. I am such a snob while it comes to water within video games. It's the most awful thing ever when a game has wonderfully rendered water which doesn't react as you touch it. I don't have an xbox but I watched the trailers and the previews and I can probably tell regarding this game, as of the E3 demos to text previews, everything. Anyways, at the end, I would like to say thank you for games multiplatform.

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    Re: The water effects in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    For me the water is of fun and this is more likely the co-op partner. You will be able to make use of that like a shield otherwise a weapon.

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    Re: The water effects in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    If I could recommend anything, it would be a "physics playground" sort like Red Faction's Glass House. There is simply a progression of rooms with water and protests in them that I might play around with, without hazard of biting the dust by foes or power or whatever. My first touch of snobbishness was when I was playing Phantasy Star Online doing a run through the sunny shore level, when I saw the water impacts were WAY a cut above the dreamcast version's-they incorporated spray, splashes, and swells, and it was sublime. The Xbox form did NOT incorporate the aforementioned impacts, nor did the PC form (Blue Burst). Familiar games bothered me when it approaches water-Crysis, for instance, has excellent-looking water. Situation is, its scripted. Questions either bounce on the water or they don't, and nothing you do changes the waves or anything.

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    Re: The water effects in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    I pre requested this from seeing the trailer with the somewhat water impacts, they look amazing. The just different recreation I am able to think about that has water that looks as great is conceivably Bioshock 2, but eh, thats basically 90% of the diversions nature, and I'm looking forward to hydrophobia a part something greater than I ever did for Bioshock.

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    Re: The water effects in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    I felt that the Gamecube version was even enhanced while it came to water physics. I can't wait to acquire home as well as play this game. I even VNC's into my home PC as of work to begin the download.

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