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Thread: elemental shields in Sonic Generations

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    elemental shields in Sonic Generations

    Hello guys I am new for this game and I saw some of video of this game and from that I am having some query against this game. I would like to know about elemental shields in this game. What you guys think Are they within the most important stages or are they restricted on the way to challenges? Iíd like to acquaint with how they work as well. Devoid of spoiling whatever thing else that is, Iím demanding to be cautious! Please share your replies with me guys. I am waiting for your replies. All replies are appreciated.

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    Re: elemental shields in Sonic Generations

    I am pretty confident you presently play any of the shield missions and you'll unlock the individual shield. Too disagreeable that these shields can just be utilized outside via mastery shop and just utilized once a level. At the same time as a few missions, you get to go for the shields. Once you get each of the 5 red rings in a few offbeat levels, you are able to utilize them as mastery. You are able to utilize them in any Classic level, but just once for each existence. You press Y/Triangle to gain entrance to them.

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    Re: elemental shields in Sonic Generations

    I donít think so. The entire of the shields is unlocked by doing challenges that might you to utilize them. The fiery breakout shield challenge is in emergency metropolis. The air pocket shield I desire to declare is in the shoreline knoll. The thunder shield I actually got today. I suppose. It was in burb escape or speed thruway. I neglect. Anyhow notwithstanding I hold every last one of the several of the shields, following you do the test you still need to purchase it from the shop however. Theyíre blatantly pleasure however. But also you do not need to get five rings in any of the levels to unlock them actually do the challenges.

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    Re: elemental shields in Sonic Generations

    You unlock the elemental shields by means of their equivalent challenge mission, and after that they are able to be used freely during regular acts which keep out challenges, online mode and bosses.

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