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Thread: How to deal with rampant monsters in A Valley without Wind

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    How to deal with rampant monsters in A Valley without Wind

    My quest log articulate that uncontrolled monsters are demanding 10 wood and 5 granite - I comprise originate them on top of the overhead map however at what time I go there, there is no technique to present them the tribute. DO you guys have any idea about it? Please share some useful information to clear my confusion. I am sure that you guys will share some useful answer with me. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to deal with rampant monsters in Valley without Wind

    You have to do it from the strategic map not available to the level of civilization 6. A program that may require clarification! I found it very confusing at what time I was starting. With time, the whole thing starts to make sense and as soon as you reach level 6 the section start to fit mutually.

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    Re: How to deal with rampant monsters in A Valley without Wind

    I've always been a tribute ball lightning helps to raise their level of civilization too! It was getting a little crazy at the same time as I had a blue node linked, though; I was fighting attacks like every few laps felt. In addition, the ice bat is very difficult to see in the context of snow on the strategic map. Fortunately, warning has that thing turn so he was able to deal with it, but without the warning that there would not even notice.

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