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Thread: Lag Even on Local Dungeon Defenders Games

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    Lag Even on Local Dungeon Defenders Games

    I have not administered to play a solitary game because of the lag, and this is on either local or online. Fundamentally, it lags too much that i can hardly even move. I have an ATI (6770) so it's absolutely not because my graphics card isn’t fine sufficient. I haven't been capable to discover no matter which about a fix on the internet so yea. It's actually annoying from the time when I just got the game and can't even play the bad thing! And i don't even be acquainted with what the difficulty can be.

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    Re: Lag Even on Local Dungeon Defenders Games

    Have you attempted setting the windows to a custom size of “800X600”? Testing it out on the lowly of the entire resolutions might be a fine way of finding the difficulty. Have you attempted setting your Graphics excellence to "Low".

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    Re: Lag Even on Local Dungeon Defenders Games

    The similar difficulty here and the same difficulty have a lot of public with nVidia graphic cards. I have One to three FPS maximum which is NOT PLAYABLE. I have obtained ASUS GTX 470, operating system windows 7 64bit, put graphics excellence to low doesn’t work either. I have examine somewhere on this forum that it works when you install one more time your graphics driver, but you have to do that once more later than every computer restart. There is QUITE a problem for fifth day since release.

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