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Thread: There is a pet glitch on sims 3 pets

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    There is a pet glitch on sims 3 pets

    I had installed Sims 3 on my system. I had created different pets in the game. They are cats and dog. I found a pet glitch in the game. What I found that the face of those pets is much bigger compared to the body. And sometime they appear to be larger. But sometime they won't. This looks like some kind of graphic glitch. I had not found of this issue with horse.

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    Re: There is a pet glitch on sims 3 pets

    This is a minor bug. I had not noticed the same. The game is quiet amazing. I am going to add the pets expansion pack on the game. There are many things in this you can do. Like creating a pet of your own. In the existing pattern we have quiet limited things, but when it comes to doing more with pet you need this expansion pack. The pack offer more option to train the pets.

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    I had not found anything like that. It looks you are noticing the game from too close. Well if there is any serious thing then you can tell about that. This is not really a bug. And many games have minor graphic glitches. You check by changing the screen resolution. That will be enough to give you appropriate output. Just reduce that to minimum and see what output you are getting on the screen.

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