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Thread: Is queen songs present in Rocksmith Game

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    Is queen songs present in Rocksmith Game

    Hello everyone I am new for this game. Yesterday I was trying to search some information about this game on internet and I found that this game does not contain the queen song. I am not sure but I am saying that because I did not find anything about it. So if you guys are having any information regarding to this then please share it with me. I am waiting for your replies. All replies are appreciated.

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    Re: Is queen songs present in Rocksmith Game

    I've been doing some research and I realized that Rocksmith has no Queen Song. So! If any of you have ever wanted to learn something from Brian May on guitar, now is your chance. If yes, then you agree that Ubisoft should create a downloadable content package dedicated to the queen. Repeat after me at the moment! Want ten songs of queen! Bohemian Rhapsody, prophetic song, and any other Queen songs! If no, then you should listen to some Queen.

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    Re: Is queen songs present in Rocksmith Game

    There are extremely few different bands that would be good to have but cannot throw a Ubisoft DLC for any band you approximating, for the reason that that would be a violation of copyright for them. So you have to buy that right and there is no guarantee that any of the band, Management Company or log bands will give them the right to use a strip material. There is also the point where you just get much money for that right and Ubisoft are not willing to pay.

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