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Thread: Which Cable can be used in Rocksmith

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    Which Cable can be used in Rocksmith

    Hey guys I have seen the demo of the game Rocksmith, I am very much excited about this game since I am the huge music Lover. But I have not seen the cable or such thing used in this game. So I want to know whether the game have these feature by which we can connect the cable to the game or something similar to that I can connect the Guitar to the game by which cable. So if you guys have any of the information about these topics then please do the necessary reply.

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    Re: Which Cable can be used in Rocksmith

    You can possibly connect the cable to the game to play the Rocksmith since I am using the second external cable so to play the Rocksmith with my wife, and I also have added the long cable for getting free movement for the Guitar I was using with their game so for that reason I can say that you can use any of the cable by which you can connect the Guitar to this game.

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    Re: Which Cable can be used in Rocksmith

    You can go to store and get the Cable which jack is suitable to fix in the socket for the game and the guitar there are no restriction that you have to get the cable from any of the reputed company or something related to this so all that I can suggest that go and bring the cable you wish to apply to the game and want to enjoy the game with your partner or with your friends. According to me the best option for that is to go for the internet and search for the list of the cable that connects with these Rocksmith.

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    Re: Which Cable can be used in Rocksmith

    I think that you can make the use of the cable which is suitable for the connection to the game and the Guitar, so for that you can make the search over the Amazon since there you get the complete information about the cable and the product that you are searching for the best use.

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