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Thread: FIFA Manager 12 crash to desktop

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    FIFA Manager 12 crash to desktop

    I am having a bit issue with Fifa Manager 12. I am not able to play this game on my Windows system. Whenever I try to start it, it is just crashing on the desktop. I had bought this game from EA Store. At the time of installation there was no problem. I can just see the game logo and it crashed instantly. I want some help to fix this thing. I had tried a few things, but they are not working and not giving the kind of output I am looking for. Can anyone help to make this game work.

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    What is the actual problem you are facing. You have to tell that first. It is really hard to give you suggestion. You can try one thing. Remove the game. Then update your video drivers. And try to play back. If still it crashes then right click on the game icon and set the compatibility mode to a bit older one. This would be enough to fix the issue. But if still the game crash or fails to work then it means your system hardware is not good enough to run this game. You have to upgrade your system.

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    Go in Control Panel > Administrative Tools. In that look for Services. In that you can find a log report that will put more light on the problem you are facing. You can just locate the error details through that and find a fix for the same. Or you can just post the complete log details. The game might be crashing because it is not stable. You can try re-installing. If anyhow you are able to enter the game video settings from there you can reduce the resolution and then test back.

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