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Thread: How to play on the ball defense in NBA 2K12

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    How to play on the ball defense in NBA 2K12

    I had just started playing NBA 2K12 game. I want some tips on ball defense. I am playing this game for the first time. But somehow I am not able to figure out to get the best out of it. I want some advice on playing the same. The game looks competitive. The game has a smart mechanize for the defense, but I am not able to identify the same. I had gone through some videos which shows me a simple tricks, I need something more with the same.

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    Limit the number of turnovers. Turnovers in this game are very punishing when compared to the older series. The average player here is afraid of throwing bridges, and any player down OTB could effectively "block" or protect. In NBA 2K12 the points can come from anywhere and very quickly, especially considering how easy it is to shoot 3 and the number of offensive moves available this year. push the LS in that direction.

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    You must stop jumping all the time. The game requires lots of discipline. You have to understand a proper strategy of playing the same. The game might get slower at some point and will not give you the kind of output you are looking for. It is always better to keep on playing even if you loose. This is what matters the most. In this game you will get better defense when you combine Manual Double Teams and Hands Up. The AI will automatically hand up, and this is quiet a perfect time to do the same.

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