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Thread: What you think about expansion of Might & Magic Heroes VI

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    What you think about expansion of Might & Magic Heroes VI

    What are your views on Might & Magic Heroes VI. I am just trying to collect a few information on the same. I am expecting around 2 set of new expansion packs that would came up with each different gameplay. Like you get option to play the wild and dungeons separately. Most of the new expansion just came up with a few additional levels and customization. What you are expecting in this.

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    In general, I am looking for a hero who can attack, and also can cast spells. This would make him more powerful. And this also add many feature of adding different spells with attack. This if done properly can make the enemy to fall down instantly. Also there must be option available through which one can choose the option of gameplay. This would make the job much more easier. We have to wait back until the final edition is out in the market. This would tell us more about the game features.

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    8 factions would be a very good number according to me. We can expect to get two expansions in a couple of years. The first to bring the Academy and Dungeon: the factions are played and loved in the entire series. It's great to see the new direction of H6, but there are some things you can not do without, like the impressive Black Dragons vs. Titans clash, which is a registered trademark of the series from the H2. In the second expansion that could bring back the Elves or dwarves.

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