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Thread: Difficulty with all stars in NBA 2K12

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    Difficulty with all stars in NBA 2K12

    This amusement is ludicrous on all stars. Iím playing with Heat vs. Cavs and Sessions is getting past Wade going in the paint building lay ups in the company of Bosh and Anthony there to piece the shot and he still create it, similar in the company of B Davis. I have been playing 2k following 2k9 on top pick and lobby of acclaim, and never viewed anything similar to this. Anybody else having inconvenience with top pick? Figure I could need to bring down the challenge until I could probably inch toward getting used to it.

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    Re: Difficulty with all stars in NBA 2K12

    Iím utilizing the Knicks and mario chalmers blocked carmelo dunks. Also udonis haslem canít miss an open jumper! It's a parcel harder to guard in this recreation. The thing that is murdering me is the up and under moves, Melo did love 10 of them in opposition to me and drew a foul on like 6 or 7 times.

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    Re: Difficulty with all stars in NBA 2K12

    I'm having hang-up likewise on rock n' roller, the steals are outrageous pieces likewise by the cpu. In any case I hold my hand in their appearances and my chap doesn't square. Those up and under moves are an executioner. It is possible that they make it or they get a foul. They're quite making you pay for leaving players open as well. It doesnít matter who if they're open the shots going in Verjao scored a mid extend jumper on me!

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