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Thread: How to get All Cars in The Race Experience

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    How to get All Cars in The Race Experience

    I have been playing third game called "Ferrari: The Race Experience" for ps3 version and now i am willing to get the trophy for the plat bu then i need to have 400.000 in order to buy the last five cars so i just wanted to know is there a way to get it an will it be counted if i sell the cars that i have.Is there anyone who have bought all the cars and have an idea of getting the points.Any suggestion regarding the same will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to get All Cars in The Race Experience

    No it will not be counted if you sell the car you do need to have all the cars in your garage.I had tried the same before and i had got 400.000 points after playing for 1 hour 30 min just one track.I was having the 512 M car and the Monza track and grid as full.If you are able to finish the race in 1.41.00 then you can get points up to 11000-12000 points and if you finish at the 3rd position then you can get up to 9208.So just try it out and see how much time you take to get 400.000 points.Best of luck and try hard.

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    Re: How to get All Cars in The Race Experience

    You can also try this one:Quick race (1 lap / dry / full grid),Autodromo Italia (Monza) and F50 GT.It is a short form and so here for every race you can get upto 12000 but it depends on the way you race and maintain your position it would be better if you are able to be in the top 3 position.Just check this out if you want this will probably take lesser time as well as compared to the above monza track.I have collected my point on this track tough it is a bit harder bit it is really worth to play for so much points in a short time.Hope that helps.

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