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Thread: disappearing of DLC case files for L.A. Noire Game

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    disappearing of DLC case files for L.A. Noire Game

    Last week when downloaded the game of L.A. Noire of rockstar entertainment through playstation network (PSN) , but while seeing the menu of DLC it mentions that there are no such files available , after that I checked all the files but found out that it seems to be disappeard . I am not getting to the problem do anyone know what is the real problem of not playing the game may be.

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    Re: disappearing of DLC case files for L.A. Noire Game

    I think the files which you have downloaded from PSN must be broken just check the files are available in the case or try downloading it again from the PSN and install the game correctly because sometimes what happens that the proper installing of game not done can create the problem in running of game. Just check that you have installed the game properly.If not theb try reinstalling the game.

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    Re: disappearing of DLC case files for L.A. Noire Game

    Yeh you are right the same problem persist with me , but when I payed for the pass and downloaded the game from the same store it never worked with me .I donít know why this type of issue not be able to solve. Due to the issues with the game, I tried out with the other games and worked well but stiil having problem with this game. I called the PSN support guys and was told that I had downloaded the copy of game from wrong zone . but there is a question in my mind that how can I be able to download copy when I am given access to download from that area itself. I donít understand how can be possible but whatever It should not be these type of issue

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    Re: disappearing of DLC case files for L.A. Noire Game

    I donít think so that it would be possible downloading the copy from other area code. But then to there maybe a case of downloading content .

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