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Thread: No de_cbble map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    No de_cbble map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    As far as I know that from the previous experiences, de_cbble is a particularly accepted spirited map on CS Mixes at present. Now the new version of CS has been announced and there it seems that this map is not included. Does anyone know why it is left behind?

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    Re: No de_cbble map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    De_cbble no longer in the EPS After long deliberations and discussions the de_cbble map was thrown out of the map pool of EPS. Suddenly, and not surprisingly, the decision came yesterday, that is no longer in de_cbble EPS is Mappool. Even at the Extreme Masters will no longer be played. Normally have all the teams the possibility rausvoten Maps, where it has finally managed de_cbble always, this voting to setback. This time, however, there was no voting, because the decision of the admins of the EPS made.

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    Re: No de_cbble map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    How do they all have the plan? IRC-Low was perhaps the map is fun, but as a top team you have to have no desire to mess up the map on this season, possibly random. In addition, the map is in the league in any other international map pool. This means that mouz and attax always a map had to train more, because it is played nationally. PCW Partners gabs and then stop for even German, which train to stop for mouz and attax not really cheap is because do not play the rest of the German team at the same level.

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