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Thread: How to change Keyboard Layouts of Trine 2 game

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    How to change Keyboard Layouts of Trine 2 game

    It could be very helpful for me if i put in some additional keyboard layouts toward the controller arrangement section? Yes I would like to get some more keyboard controls in this game rather than the default one present in the game. Fundamentally I like the method that the keys are laid away within the Qwerty system and I would feel affection for the similar positioning of the keys except on top of a Dvorak keyboard. The most favorable solution would be to permit us to put away our layouts to a few kind of 'Trine Keyboard Layout' file with the intention that we possibly will build the layouts that well-matched us. .

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    Re: How to change Keyboard Layouts of Trine 2 game

    I could have never thought some individuals could utilize unexpected console layout. I'm just for universal benchmarks but assuming that it works for you then cool. I don't positively see this as that great of a bargain specifically in Trine however subsequent to there aren't that a significant number of controls anyway. Takes conceivably 10 seconds to set them to your liking. Still voted for "Let me make and impart console layouts" however. Doesn't sound too much of a discomfort for devs to put a few extraneous control plans and itís a mite less bug for players.

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    Re: How to change Keyboard Layouts of Trine 2 game

    . The keyboard layout in Windows can be very easily and quickly switch means a specified combination of keys, so for example, between the French layout (AZERTY) and the U.S. layout (QWERTY). The standard layout is always the same (the norm is for example the Swiss or German QWERTZ layout to be). You can change it always from the control panel.

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    Re: How to change Keyboard Layouts of Trine 2 game

    If you have problems with the keyboard shortcuts of the game, this is also your solution. For that you need to find the proper dll files in the game installed folder. There might be dll file in which you will get the keyboard configuration settings. You need to open that file in notepad or some good editor and customize it according to your needs. Otherwise you can create a new file with the same name and replace the original with this new one. Just make sure that you have backed up that file.

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    Re: How to change Keyboard Layouts of Trine 2 game

    Normally this configuration should be removed by pressing the Fn key only once without pressing another key, but if that does not solve the problem then you have two options, one keep pressing the Fn key for a few seconds, then test if it has changed the configuration, if that did not solve the test case together the Fn + F11.

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