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Thread: Contra: waterfall level problem with spread gun

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    Contra: waterfall level problem with spread gun

    In the waterfall level in specific, I lose my spread gun often before the Base 2 level. I find completion difficulty in Base 2 using the mundane gun so harshly that I use continues. If I obtain rapid for spread shot prior Base 2 it is very much easier. However waterfall level causes falling by unfair jumping action because of scrolling up. How do I defeat this so I can go finishing Base 2 flawless?

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    Re: Contra: waterfall level problem with spread gun

    Are you playing it on your DS. I have waited until level 5 to get the spread gun because it would have slowed down level's 2 & 4 considerably. The "waterfall glitch" was used in many places of level 3 to save considerable time. This is a glitch that allows you to jump much higher than normal and land on ledges that are normally impossible to jump to.

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