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Thread: How to create maniaplanet account

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    How to create maniaplanet account

    Recently I have purchase the trackmania 2, I used to create the account as Iím new user but however I fail to do this, whenever I try to create the account I got the Connection Error saying that Account creation failed. Error, I donít know what is this error about, so if anyone have any information about this how to create an account in trackmania 2, then please let me know.

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    Re: How to create maniaplanet account

    According to me this issue generate by the Firewall security feature since it doesn’t allow some of the file to upload or to get the access so, first you should have to disable the windows firewall and then restart your system and after that you should try to create the account for trackmania 2.

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    Re: How to create maniaplanet account

    Even I was also facing the same problems in starting as I was new to that, so I have try to create the account but not succeed but after some time I got the mail in which I receive the security code and some information. And after getting that mail I have seen that my account was successfully created over the trackmania. So according to my experience you should wait for some time and let the mail come toward you, so you have to wait for some time.

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    Re: How to create maniaplanet account

    However this type of issue is fixed in the next update, so before that you can try to create an account on other system. So that you can play from any computer by binding that new profile to the account you have created. Or you can also wait for the next hour or you have to wait for the day after that you can able to create the new account. If you have the option shown at the screen then just follow that instruction and you can able to enable the option again, as soon as your account has been created.

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