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Thread: Gear of wars 3: Commando Dom

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    Gear of wars 3: Commando Dom

    Hello guys donít you think that this guy Commando Dom is a new guy in this game and he looks a cool guy and would be a nice change for the tai and kim who has been taken out of this version place your comments over here guys hope you would have a nice discussion over here now.

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    Re: Gear of wars 3: Commando Dom

    Definitely he is looking really cool and I am just waiting for the game to be in my xbox and play with them and I hope that he is as better as both of the other guys because I have been the fan of those guys who have been eliminated and I want some1 who would be as smart as them if that would happen then I would feel really lucky because I am in real search of a tough guy.

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    Re: Gear of wars 3: Commando Dom

    Same here and there are lot many of us who have been waiting for the same thing and I think that he is much more stronger and having better skills then those two guys and thatís why they have changed them.

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    Re: Gear of wars 3: Commando Dom

    Working with them has been a great deal and I think that this guy would be nice too but there has been some of the guys whom I have found already commenting on DOM and that too a bad comment may be they donít have a better idea anyways we cant say anything either because something better is too be needed to work out which would make clear what actual he is as.

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    Re: Gear of wars 3: Commando Dom

    He is looking cool and looking very healthy and i think that he would be a very nice substitute and i am sure that it would be a real fun with this gut. Looking at him it looks like he would be having some better skills and would be taken as an important character and hopefully he proves i too be a nice guy. I am really against those who have been disliking him because i don't think that they are not knowing about the game much and so they are not able to recognize the players. And i think that he is really a nice guy and once the game play would began we would be getting the views about him and i hope that would be nice.

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