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Thread: How to regain health in "Hard Reset" game

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    How to regain health in "Hard Reset" game

    Is there any one who have an idea about gaining the health in the Hrad Reset game,i mean how does the health process works is like the other shooting games where we could gain health by getting a cover or we have to search for health packets which might be hidden somewhere? any suggestion regarding this will be highly appreciated.

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    re: How to regain health in "Hard Reset" game

    As far as i am aware of this game here you don't have the option of regenerating health by hiding and getting cover in fact you have to pick up some green glowing medkits which might be placed at different areas so in order to regain health you have to search it and then you can restore your health it functions same as we use to do in the "Quake 1" the enemies also often drop the medipack when you kill them.It is a quiet interesting game you will love it.

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    re: How to regain health in "Hard Reset" game

    Yes There are many health or medipack pickups in this game and even Every small or common enemy carries it and drops it when they die and the bigger enemies almost drop a health pack whenever you kill them you just have to think as of quake.To understand it better you can easily see the demo on the YouTube and you will get a brief idea about it just go and check it out it will help you to learn a bit as well.You can also check your hand on the demo version of it before playing the full version of it.

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    re: How to regain health in "Hard Reset" game

    YouTube has now became a powerful marketing area i very often find out people referencing (totalbiscuit) TB's WTF videos,games demo etc i almost find it in every reference these guys have probably sold 1000+ copies of this game and other games as well.With Youtubers like "TotalBiscuit" and the "Yogscast" which keep updating the honest and true reviews by playthroughs of the various players,it has became easy to get a brief idea about the game the are willing to buy and trust me even i am willing to get this game just because ot TB.

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