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Thread: Ball Controlling in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12

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    Ball Controlling in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12

    Among the collection TW12 is my favorite, whenever I play this against the A1, I have observed that they can hit shots past the flag and it takes a sharp backspin and comes back near the flag. That’s happened but I don’t know how? Whenever the ball in the midair I continuously to hit A, that’s works fine but that’s feel cheating. So guys I want to know the tricks for setup spin on the ball before or during my swing. So if you have or know any of the tricks regarding the ball, please suggest me about that. Is there any secret thing which you want to explore?

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    Re: Ball Controlling in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12

    I know the two ways to do tricks with the ball, so when you are playing at the Amateur and Pro difficulty levels. So according to my first tricks to spin the ball is to continuity tabbing ‘A’ keypad when the ball is in the air. The more you press the more it passes on. So if you want to make it spin back more, you give the backspin to the ball. If you impart forward spin then it leads not roll back as much or even stop dead or move a bit forward. And buddy this is not the cheating. The second method can apply in difficulty modes. Move3 the right sticks when you setting up your shot these lead to lower loft and forward spin, and if you want to increase loft and impart backspin move the stick back.

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    Re: Ball Controlling in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12

    Hey, I know more eight secret trophies.
    • Fairway in Regulation(FIR)
    • Green in Regulation(GIR)
    • I AM CADDIE!
    • Flowering Crab Apple in 1!
    • Masters Master
    • New Record Holder!
    • Bling my Tag
    • Short But Sweet
    I have seen this in one of the sites.

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    Re: Ball Controlling in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12

    There are the tricks by which you can win these 8 secret trophies.
    i.Accept and follow thru on 25 Caddie Suggestions in an 18 hole round of golf to get I AM CADDIE! (15 points).
    ii.Land the ball on the Fairway after your tee shot to get FIR (5 points).
    iii.Land the ball on the Green with at least 2 fewer strokes than par. To get GIR (5 points).
    iv.Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters to get New Record Holder! (15 points).
    v.Master Augusta National & Augusta Par 3 to win Masters Master (15 points).
    vi.Beat the course record of 20 at Augusta Par 3 to win Short But Sweet (15 points).
    vii.Hole in one on Hole 4 of Augusta to get Flowering Crab Apple in 1! (10 points).

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