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Thread: Farmville free Red Duckling

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    Farmville free Red Duckling

    I have obtained done pop up that says that I have received a free red duckling and I can grow up that with the help of my friends. I am posting this over here to know that what other people thinks about this. Please reply if you have any idea regarding this. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Farmville free Red Duckling

    If you are getting that fro free then this is very good that you get free ducklings but I am able to understand that what the Zynga is up to do.

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    Re: Farmville free Red Duckling

    I am thinking the fresh crafting/animal and tree item collecting or they are clearing house of the ducklings as of the birthday celebration. Money's on the primary of those and that is considering the abundance of 'lonely belted ducks' over the previous day otherwise so. I would kind of like duck breeding but it would be nice to get practical looking ducks more willingly than the crazy patterns like sheep and pigs. I got the enhanced message and then a free red duckling as well.

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    Re: Farmville free Red Duckling

    I would like to tell you that this is very common and I also have seen this many of the times earlier. There is nothing bothering to ask this question. I should never have placed mine and sold it in its place. I light put the cat next to it and allow him to eat it. Letís see what the other people are thinking about this.

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    Re: Farmville free Red Duckling

    It didn't even occur to me that the free duck was foretelling something regarding the update. I just thought that maybe somebody was complaining that they are never getting red ducks anymore, therefore Zynga decided to give everyone another one to shut them up.

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