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Thread: Changes in Roads and day/night cycles in Tropico 4

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    Changes in Roads and day/night cycles in Tropico 4

    I am playing the game and would love come changes in the game. They would really enhance the game for me. I think having 4-lane roads would be amazing as I have seen that when the population reaches 1,200, the road becomes crowded and a long traffic line is formed. Another great addition will be a day/night cycle. It would be so awesome as cars can consume electricity in the night and they can have car lights too.

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    Re: Changes in Roads and day/night cycles in Tropico 4

    Hey really nice suggestions I also think they should increase the population cap to 2,500 since those who have supercomputers can taken advantage of that. Because 1200 population only utilizes 30% of computer RAM. For those with less RAM we can have a slider in option for checking the population. Also, having day/night is the best thing I heard so far and there can also be edicts to improve nightlife or give altered effects to the citizens that would be a real nice addition as the game is a political sim and not just a city builder. Some of the things that might make interesting are that during night time crime goes increasing and so does entertainment. The farming might drop and there must be increasing and rebels might attack in small raids.

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    Re: Changes in Roads and day/night cycles in Tropico 4

    The negative side can be that a 4-lane road will increase consumption of 10 electricity for every 100 meter road. Also, 50% work-time during afternoon (other than policemen and fireman and increase in the crime rate and more possibility of citizens turning in to criminals are some of the negative things of having a night cycle in the game. But anyways it will surely make the game more interesting.

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