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Thread: How long is the demo version of Tropico 4?

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    How long is the demo version of Tropico 4?

    Guys I am playing the demo version of this game and its now tiring for me as I cannot save the game in the demo version so My PC is on from the past two nights. Till now I am up to Jan1990 with around 600 residents and 70% happiness. In the cannery, rum distiller, furniture factory, 2 cigar factories I have made over million bucks. But now this is proving to be a tedious task to also I am not in a mood to quit as I cannot save the progress of the game can someone tell me how far I can go in this game? Has anyone completed the demo version as of now?

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    Re: How long is the demo version of Tropico 4?

    So far I have built one High School and one college and havenít completely staffed them. I generally build one GS for nearly two hundred people. And do set them for youth indoctrination. Darn kids are kept from congesting your cathedrals by the grade school. I think you are right in saying that its gradually proving boring for I have been laying out tons of houses and farms up till now. I think I can take it to year 2000. But I am waiting to see that how many of the people can get on to the island.

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    Re: How long is the demo version of Tropico 4?

    I think if there is any similarity with the previous version of the game that Tropico 3 is you will most probably need lots of grades school. Children are not allowed to travel through their car so if the distance between their school and the place where they live is long then they keep so either they either donít go to school or spend many years to move to and fro or they never ever graduate. I donít even think of building graduates school though. They take enormous space honestly speaking I donít see even much of the benefit building them.

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    Re: How long is the demo version of Tropico 4?

    Grade school is not worth much. Even the alternative where they apparently graduate with a skill is kind of futile since itís not guaranteed that they will get the job with their skill. Also I think that the management that they get the job with their skill is not worth of too much. I most probably select the edict that gives sooner skill learning .Itís usually not too hard to get skills up. If you build a graduate school then must perform a check that how many students graduated from it. On an average like 1 per year, I find worthless. If I'm playing a 50 year sandbox game & am just rolling in dough I might build 1 or 2 but not usually.

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    Re: How long is the demo version of Tropico 4?

    from this demo version I think this version of the game its merely the patch of the prior version of the game though I can see some of the amendments on the graphics number of buildings that can be built and the additional no of nations has been provided. But I am not expecting it stand on my expectations of the game but I already have ordered for it.

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