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Thread: Seedling percentages down in Farmville?

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    Seedling percentages down in Farmville?

    Lately I've been inundated with an average of watering cans or a lack of seedlings. So, as usual, I started tracking the percentages. While it seemed that only 1/3 of my orchards gave a seedling it was actually slightly higher 37%. Sadly of the orchards I'm 'farming' for seedlings that percentage is far lower (0-25%) has anyone else noticed this remarkable drop in the '50-50' orchard yield? Is this similar math issues such as the '50% pattern percentage and the ever popular (now going on 6 months) phantom harvests with up to 50% missing from the posted yields.

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    Re: Seedling percentages down in Farmville?

    Zynga may have lowered seedling production in an effort to push super orchards on its players. Sounds like something they'd do, anyway. I'm not the tree aficionado I once was, so I can't say I've noticed much difference there has been talk on the boards though expressing similar concerns of lower seedling rate.

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    Re: Seedling percentages down in Farmville?

    I have actually been getting more seedlings lately. 2 days ago I got 27 from 50 orchards. I usually average about 19 -23. And I forgot to sell the ones I didn't want so ended up growing some of the "older" trees I didn't want. That's depend some day out of 16 orchards (Ec farm) I get 2seedling, but some day I get 11. I don't that's really depend, but it's happen more often now that I found less than the usual amount I use to get. I'll keep track but it's been consistent for past 4 harvests 28-29 seedlings out of 75. Only variable is 0-2 seedlings from the seeders.

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    Re: Seedling percentages down in Farmville?

    Isn't harvesting orchards the same as getting pattern from your rams and boar? Each harvest, you get 50-50 chance to get a seedling or cans, t hat each harvest is independent of the other and not really 50-50 of your total harvest? I've been getting noticeably less seedlings too. Not sure if it's just a coincidence or not. Maybe they're using some players as guinea pigs. Curious to see what happens Wednesday morning when I have about 95 orchards ready.

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