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Thread: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

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    Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    Look at the pvp game. It has at high time 500k concurrent players and several million active players making it the number 1 f2p mmorpg. That game with exception of practice against bots is all about player vs. player. You look at wow, the divide between PvE and pvp servers are pretty even with about 120 something PvE servers and 90 something pvp servers. I just don't understand how some of you can say that the pvp are small minority and wouldn't really hurt AoE player base. I was so excited for this game and bought points ahead of time. But this forcing us pvpers to PvE really disappoint a pvper like me.

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    Re: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    Well, if you want to play pvp, just play pvp. The only thing MS needs to add again, is the reward chests for pvp (and perhaps an xp-boost, because it looks like the xp is a bit lower than 'normal' quests). I am going to throw out an idea here: since xp isnít needed anymore at lvl40, perhaps they could remove xp rewards, and add one or two extra chests (in quests, and in pvp). You are actually wrong. Most players are PvErs or casual PvPers in terms of numbers.

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    Re: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    What's with the negativity from pvp players? OP is obviously right. The devs are focusing too much on PvE players. Focusing more on pvp will bring actual pvp players, having no replay system and no 2v2 rated etc will scare pvp-ers off. Let's say pvp'ers is fewer, whatever, showing a bit more effort on pvp will bring both kinds of gamers. I'm hopeful though, and we can't forget that they actually have implemented a rating system with ladders and Sparta etc.

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    Re: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    Itís a PvP game with a large player base. So is Counter-strike. Any game that exclusively focuses on one type of gameplay will probably excel at that one type of gameplay over others that are trying to cater to multiple types. A lot of players play on PvP servers because they like the danger when questing but don't actively engage in competitive PvP. To put it another way, a lot of people play to level 85 and raid, and never once venture into the Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are cross-server now, so it's not like they're making much of a distinction between PvP and PvE anymore.

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    Re: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    You got to admit that GPG improved quite some stuff, ever since they took over we see a more realistic approach towards this game. Even though i personally enjoy PVP i would venture to say that the PVPers are the minority. One thing I cannot understand is the need to pitch PVP against PVE. To me those are integral parts of any game, save for online FPS. So yes, decent PVP is needed and shall be pursued with the focus that a significant minority warrants.

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    Re: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    I was always under the impression that the Age series was a PvP game. However, if your stats show otherwise, than I was mistaken. But, when I think of all the years I played Age 1-3, I never remember the single player campaign even coming up in discussions. The university dorm rooms were packed with students playing pvp for years, yet no discussion of the campaigns. Finally, long after any single player campaign is played and done, you will have years of pvp action thereafter.

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    Re: Does PvPers are small minority in Age of Empires Online

    PVE isn't just about the campaign though, it also includes players skirmishing either by themselves, or with friends, against the computer. There are plenty of stats around that have shown that the proportion of purchasers who actually focus on playing against other people is relatively small. We just don't like to hear that because some of the most active forum posters come from that PVP community. I think the relatively fast pace of AOE Online when you are at level 40 with gear, star techs ad advisors (compared to past Age games) will keep many casual players away from the competitive scene.

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