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Thread: Why do cars run automatically in GTA IV?

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    Why do cars run automatically in GTA IV?

    I have been playing Grand Theft Auto IV for some months now. It was running smoothly but now its getting a bit irritating to play the game. The problem is whenever I try to enter my car and is inside the car I see smoke coming out of the car and then suddenly the car starts accelerating automatically on the streets. Even if I apply breaks it doesnít stop and crashes down. Also, another issue is many of the times Niko staggers like when he does when he staggers even if he did not drink anything. Itís really irritating, how do I solve this? It will make my gameplay less exhausting. Please help me.

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    Re: Why do cars run automatically in GTA IV?

    I am also playing this game for so long and is a big fan of GTA series. But Iíve never come across such a problem anytime. Itís the strangest thing I have heard. Maybe itís a bug or a glitch that has come during installation or while applying some patch. Well, having smoke in the car is a common thing. It means that your car is badly damaged and needs to be repaired. Maybe you should download and install the latest official patches or maybe try reinstalling the game while you back-up your saved files. Tell me if this works.

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    Re: Why do cars run automatically in GTA IV?

    Hi, actually the car does get damaged and produces smoke. But the issue he is facing is not due to damaged car but due to a bug as you said. Please try the following fixes : If you have any joystick, gamepads or and other similar DirectInput controllers attached to your system unplug it. There might be a bug with the controller. Just restart your system . If this does not work try this method as follows. Close your game, press Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware Tab->Device Manager->Human Interface Devices. It consists information about the devices. Just locate the drivers for the joysticks and gamepads and delete the drivers then just start the game again. The bugs are fixed. Hope this one helps you.

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    Re: Why do cars run automatically in GTA IV?

    The staggering of Niko maybe because of slow down of game sometimes while running. This maybe due to hardware configuration of your system. You should tweak the 3d settings of your PC. Put Anisotrophic Filtering to OFF and set Antialiasing setting to 2x. Turn Threaded Optimization ON and also Vertical Sync to ON. If you are running it on Vista you should change its compatibility. Right Click the exe file of the game, click ďPropertiesĒ and check the Compatibility tab. Click the compatibility mode for Windows XP option or Windows 2000 and press OK. Or the most efficient way is to upgrade your PC to the latest hardware if you can afford it.

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