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Old 09-08-2011
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Tips and Cheats for Serious Same 2

At the time of playing game press ~ from your keyboard. This is the console key which is common in many games. The key is located above Tab. When you press the key you can the console where you will have to add cheat code. I had listed the cheat code below.

Major Cheats :
  • For Invincibility type please god
  • For all weapons and ammunition type please giveall
  • Type please killall to kill al the monster you are facing at the current level
  • To open all the closed doors type please open
  • There is an cheat by which you can fly in the game. For that type please fly
  • You can easily walk through the walls in the game by using please ghost
  • Type Invisibility to become invisible.
  • To read all your pending messages type please tellall
  • The cheat code please refresh to restore all your energy lost in the game.
Some alternative cheat codes for Serious Sam 3

There is another way to run the console while you are playing. For that press F1 from your keyboard and type the cheat code. Then hit enter to execute the command. The cheat codes here are entirely different.
  • For Invincibility you have to type cht_bGod
  • For getting all weapons and ammunition you have to type cht_bGiveAll
  • To get your entire health back type cht_bRefresh
  • For walking through wall type cht_bGhost
  • For invisible and flying use cht_bInvisible & cht_bFly
There is way where you can directly modify the config file of the game. This lets you to enable the cheat console and some of your cheat will work forever. You will not need to add them again and again whenever you start the game. For this you have to in the Installation folder of Serious Sam 3. In that you can find a User data folder. Type the below values to enable your cheat - Cht_bEnableCheats = 1. Once this is done then give the following values to enable your cheats.
  • cht_bGOD = 1
  • cht_bRefresh = 1
  • cht_bGiveAll = 1
  • cht_bFly = 1
  • cht_fTranslationMultiplyer = 1
  • cht_bGhost = 1
  • cht_bInvisible = 1
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Old 09-08-2011
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Re: Tips and Cheats for Serious Same 2

The cheats are nice. The game is really nice. There are more upcoming new version of the same series. I had played almost all the series of the game and really enjoyed the same. I think the process of getting those cheat work is one and the same and will work with other version also. I am looking for some kind of trainer which can directly activate all the cheats. The one which I found in GTA San Andreas. The trainer was awesome.
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Old 09-08-2011
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Re: Tips and Cheats for Serious Same 2

I am sure there will be trainer available for the same. I had just recently played on older version of the game and found easy cheats and trainer. The trainer is awesome which activates all your cheat. Also it is not tough to manually enable all types of cheat and commands. But rather for the gameplay I will advice you to start the game without cheat and play certain levels. I use the life restore cheat mostly to keep playing continuously. It is really boring the being back from the last save point.
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