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Thread: Mouse Trap in Rusty Hearts

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    Mouse Trap in Rusty Hearts

    I am finished with the requirements intended for both of these but while I try to turn the quest and hit the complete button then I found that it was not completed. I was not able to interact with them in any of the possible ways. I was also not able to "chat" or trade. Is there someone else who is having the same problem? If you have something to comment on this then you are most welcome. Thank you.

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    re: Mouse Trap in Rusty Hearts

    I am also having the similar problem. I got that I am missing 1 cheese but the quest indicates that I will have to check the inventory. So I did that and found that I am missing one. I donít know that whether this is to be expected as of the cbt. I donít have any idea that anyone can trade quest items or not. This is the only thing that I can say about this now and hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

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    re: Mouse Trap in Rusty Hearts

    There are many of the users with the same problem. What you can try to do is to abandon the quest and after abandoning that, take it over again. I am telling you to do that because I found one other post where doing this solves the problem so I hope that this will do the same for you as well. Try this out and let us know the result of this. I hope it will be helpful to you. Good Luck!!!

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    re: Mouse Trap in Rusty Hearts

    If the installation of the game is corrupted in your case then you might get the problems like this. So if none of the solution helps you to get it solved then you can try by uninstalling and installing the game again. This will make all the files again for the game and if the problem is due to some missing or corrupted file then you will be out of the issue after the reinstallation. Please reply back with the result.

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