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Thread: Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

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    Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

    Friends, I love Torchlight as well as the diablo series. I love to play with every weapons and armor. But in Torchlight it is not working since there is no durability. I like to generate my own complexity through use of the item in anticipation that they break. Is there some chance that Torchlight 2 will as a minimum have a choice of somehow use durability otherwise formulate it a moldable feature?

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    Re: Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

    My answer to your question is no. The only motive that this exists within extra games is to work as a gold sink. Because there is naturally a rather plentiful shortage of gold within TL, I would be alongside this being a game mechanic. But I don't have any problem with it being an alternative which can be toggled. Durability is annoy and unless there is an inventive method to formulate it helpful otherwise something then it looks just like a gold sink for me as well.

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    Re: Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

    It could function, if each character had a technique to wedge attacks. If there is a bar which charges up every attack you carry out that determines how much force you can take in as well as weapons would be taken into that equation. Say, the weapon is not as durable subsequent to prolonged combat alongside armored enemies, and while the character uses it to wedge a 200dps strike implemented by strength then the weapon breaks.

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    Re: Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

    The durability is essential for adding realism into the game. I'm not a fan of it and I think there are more pleasant runic mechanisms could focus instead on developing a system that forces players to play the inventory management of meta-game at broader levels. They will focus on the elements of the game to suit such a wide range of players as possible instead of working on something that only a small few enjoy taking into account the fact that the game is changed and if anyone is interested somewhere to adjust the gameplay, which can be altered by the players themselves to suit the taste.

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    Re: Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

    If the damage to the weapons is translated into characters to take damage and if it becomes more vital then stay away from over-abundance of HP potions and sending potion. That would actually be preferable. Then, players can buy kits to repair your weapons and armor in the field in order to reduce the task of going back to camp in the middle of a long journey in Portales City are not allowed.

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    Re: Lack of durability in Torchlight 2

    Blunt weapons like hammers can break a person's skull like a sword slash cut off the head of a man. But this is a game, and that means that the factors that come into play with respect to combat are taken as variables so we can play and try to overcome. A rusty sword that is good to radically reduce the harm, right? Against the skin, without armor or a cloth, this weapon would not be harmed. But against a monster of a hard shell, for example, this weapon would take some damage.

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