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Thread: Game stuttering under 60fps

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    Game stuttering under 60fps

    Any hope I can help almost every game stutters when the fps drops in the 50 or so as did a reading group on this subject over a year and some say itís just a matter of SLI, which is not the case for me and others I've read in countless forums. I tried enabling V-sync, triple buffering, and using a CRT monitor, the same problem persists. Had this problem for the first time in my 8800GT-old 8800gtx ultra, 280gtx, and now in my gtx470 before the 8800GT, where the problem was first revealed, I had an ATI 3870 in which all games were smooth, even the 30 fps mark. Since the 8800GT I had a Pentium D, Core 2 Duo, Core2Quad, and now the AMD 1055T six plants and the problem had been with me since then, only you can cure this problem, it is always above 60 fps, which is not reasonable I could not shake off since I got the problem with XP, Vista, and now 7.

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    Re: Game stuttering under 60fps

    Seems you have gone through many platforms and methods. Do any of these platforms share the same hardware? Sometimes even the smallest thing can be the problem. Also (just to be sure) - have updated all the latest drivers from the manufacturer's site? I refer not only from mobo / graphics maker. Motherboard has many components including (yours for example): Intel chipset, sound, Realtek LAN, etc., but Gigabyte and others do not usually update the drivers, even if eg. Intel has updated its.

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    Re: Game stuttering under 60fps

    Usually it operates at a low frame rate, but still somehow managed to play without problems. That first time I played when it came out and was running a 8800GTX was also surprised that it seemed very smooth, however, was only running around 30-40fps. How? The framerate is low, fluctuations in frame rate was at a minimum. You must have noticed the different frame rate when there is an enormous amount of fluctuation in frame rate, leading to a choppy game.

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    Re: Game stuttering under 60fps

    Openly, do not touch the brand ultra, but it was cheap. I frequently get a better quality of power supply so that when I'm troubleshooting, overclocking, or just general use. When you have a supply of good quality, I cannot explain, but just as comforting his team does and does not give up. I'm running a constant 20-40fps on my computer and security that is not uniform in any of my games.

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    Re: Game stuttering under 60fps

    It may be little in comparative terms, but in a support frame rate low and, even worse. Fluctuation of 20 frames per second above 60 fps is not bad. Fluctuation of 20 frames per second 20 frames per second is a minimum and is intended to be an eyesore. Crysis takes place generally quite stable frame rate, even at the lower end. Perhaps it is because of 5-10fps fluctuation.

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    Re: Game stuttering under 60fps

    In my 30fps is not smooth enough, at least it should be. I fondly remember the games on my ATI 3870 two summers ago and never found so horrible without softness to 30 frames. Now dipping into the low of 50 feels like 20 frames per second in most games at 60 fps or more is the only state where the game no longer stutters micro seems that consoles are a prime example of the majority Games that run below 60 fps and still be able to be soft butter on the screen that something is wrong with the hardware, I think the problem has never been addressed, only rejected by the manufacturers.

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    Re: Game stuttering under 60fps

    My system configuration is as follows, and it is working fine after following the above suggestion.

    • 1055t AMD
    • 4gig gskill 1333 MHz
    • ASUS m4a785td v-evo
    • 470gtx
    • ultra 750w
    • audigy 2

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