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Thread: Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

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    Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

    I understand that there is another thread in the fight against z (BF2), but I wonder if I can get a new perspective on a different game. I'm playing my game through the second Mass Effect 2 and realize that there are MASSIVE zs fighting in some scenes. This z-fighting was not present when I played the game for ~ 50 hours in Windows XP. Whatever z-buffer depth sets the driver for XP had ME2, are not present in Win7. Are there any possible solutions to this in terms of drivers, Nvidia Inspector settings or settings coalesced.ini?

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    re: Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

    The two examples I can think of:
    1. The Omega At the point where you have to convince the Turia you leaves the infected to get medical attention.
    2. The force field creates a yellow glow around the characters standing in front of him, the effect of pulsation as the force field has a strength scheme.
    3. When I first did the Citadel and scanned. Same treatment as above, only that it is a vibrant blue outline, rather than a yellow.

    Not sure if this is all part of the same problem or not. I just wanted to mention it.

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    re: Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

    After doing a lot of interpretation on the subject, I made a supervisory decision, and dug my copy of Vista Ultimate x64, from the depths of my computer case. I'll clean my SSD (OS disk) in about 35 minutes from the time of printing (halfway through watching an episode of Fringe), format and install Vista upgrade to SP2, make some "tweaks" and see if I get the above issues and in my previous post, or otherwise, no problem at all, and report.

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    re: Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

    After switching back to Vista x64 SP2 and install all available updates from Windows Update and install the GeForce 275.20 beta drivers, except 3D components, which do not need, I can certainly verify that all of Mass Effect 1 and my two problems are no longer present. This includes the Z-The fight against what was happening. In fact, interestingly, all my games they play frequently: The Witcher 2, Fable III, Crysis 2, Bad Company 2 and Mass Effect 2. They all run much smoother and the graphics in general are much more pronounced in Vista than in Windows 7.

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    re: Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

    I just realized, nVidia Inspector, there is a selectable option entitled "Unified Back / depth buffer", which, by default, the profile of Mass Effect 2, is set OGL_SINGLE_BACKDEPTH_BUFFER_DEFAULT. I wonder if it would be likely for users of Windows 7 to "rectify" their fight against z, is changed by default, BUFFER_ENABLE OR BUFFER_USE_HW_DEFAULT from BUFFER_DEFAULT option seems to be "disabled", as the hexadecimal code values the same for BUFFER_DEFAULT and BUFFER_DISABLE.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2 with Z-fighting in Windows 7 64-bit

    The option that I referred to in earlier post, was not only "black", but had a hex value and the establishment of one, thereby infer some degree of importance for ME2. I do not know if it plays a key role or completely benign, the paper does not appear evident. I was just looking for a method that increase, activate, or in any way alter the depth of Z-Buffer in Windows 7 when I found that option, and I thought after my results.

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