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Thread: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

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    How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    I am having a question in my mind that is have you ever tried to load the game to find your saved game missing, or error code 13 while saving and lost your progress? To retrieve your saved game, do the following:
    • You have to go in my documents.
    • And after that you have to go in the electronics Arts.
    • And then the folder of Sims 3
    • And the last is the Saves folder.

    And after that if you have given the name as Maq valley then you should be able to see that file as
    1. maq Valley.sims3
    2. maq valley. Sims3. Backup.

    But there is the problem that I donít know that how to do that in the MAC operating system. Please help me in solving the problem. Thanking all in advanced for helping me and giving me the suggestions.

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    Re: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    I believe that this returning recoveries trick doesn't work unless the spared recreation has a .unfavorable document. You expressed Maq Valley had a few auxiliary documents. Attempt building a duplicate of the freshest Maq Valley auxiliary, and renaming it to yourtownname.sims3. But also the situation happens on account of I have recognized it happens when you go numerous hours without sparing. By not recovering regularly, your recovery would be able to end up being tainted. Or in this case I feel that you might as well attempt producing a duplicate of your one alternate index, and rename that to yourtownname.sims3.

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    Re: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    In the event that the situation is not understood then I feel that Try erasing the reserves in my records. But also in this case you don't need to fear, the amusement will recovers stores. Notwithstanding in this case I imagine that you might as well erase the stores that are as takes after: scriptCache, compositorCache, Contents of WorldCaches envelope. You need to Go in the WorldCaches envelope, and erase the substance INSIDE of it. When it is, build a duplicate of your .sims3 index. And then I suspect that following you have erased those stores and made the duplicate, erase the initial. Or in this case I surmise that the Sims 3's auxiliary document just rolls back to the final time you spared. This is why itís an exceptional brainstorm to recovery regularly.

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    Re: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    OK and this mistake have happened to me. Not joyful as I have been playing for a considerable length of time and now would like to head off to mattress. I accompanied the guidelines according to this string and it didn't appear to work, on the other hand; I erased the .BAD indexes as declared and still can't recovery, so i got down to business mode, it inquired if I desired to recovery, I clicked yes it fizzled. Then I attempted again this time clicking no unequivocally keep on. Town mode headed up and my house was still there, so I recovered recreation. It spared fine in town mode. Then I about-faced to carry on recreation, so far all fine. I then recovered-IT WORKED. I at last recovered and stop (unequivocally to be auxiliary confident) and hoorah its worked! Then again itís stacked up fine.

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    Re: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    From the discourse going on I suspect that further there is a upgrade and I imagine that this will take care of the situation, the spared amusement works again! Following I composed a brand new reinstall of the event, I gave the safeguarded amusement a shot and it didn't work. So figuring I had nothing to lose as it was even now lost, I erased the day and past day DCbackup's within the index and it appeared to have done the work. Wished I could have erased them prior. Perhaps it was to illuminate and probably it was simply a degenerate part that I wouldn't be able to recognize to erase. Be that as it may either way I am joyfully once more in my spared event, which now has an auxiliary again down, in the event of some unforeseen issue.

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    Re: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    f the document "MaqValley.sims3" was renamed from "MaqValley.bad" that recovery event will never work again. And then subsequent to there was no exact alternate made for that particular recovery document, you will need to begin onto every part of I am sad to declare. Any recovery record that finishes with a .grave development is thought about unavoidably harmed and ought to be erased immediately. This approach likewise connects with recovery records consummation in .sims3 and founder to stack up in the amusement. For recovery diversions that finish with .alternate, rename those index augmentations back to .sim3 and they ought to go with the diversion with a fresh spin. It is essential to note that recovery indexes made in the last form of the diversion should not go with past event forms (1.0, 1.2, 1.3 and whatnot.). You will either need to upgrade your diversion back to the right form or begin a fresh out of the plastic new amusement.

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    Re: How to recover Sims 3 saved in Mac OS

    You need to open a 'Finder' window by clicking on the 'Finder' symbol on your Dock (looks similar to a blue smiley face). From your 'Finder' window, open your 'Documents' organizer (might as well be catalogued on the other side-hand side of your 'Finder' window). Open the 'Electronic Arts' organizer. Open 'The Sims 3' organizer. Select the 'Saves' envelope by clicking on it once. # Press the 'Command/Apple' and 'C' keys on your console. Pilot to the place where you wish to recovery your auxiliary duplicate of your recovered diversions. Press the 'Command/Apple' and 'V' keys on your console to glue youíre recovered recreations alternate envelope. We suggest re-naming your envelope to incorporate the expressions 'Sims 3,' 'Saves,' or 'auxiliary' to dodge mix up. Since you ought to swap your safeguarded diversions, essentially trade your 'Saves' organizer in the area underneath, but verify you rename your auxiliary envelope as 'Saves.'

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