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Thread: Sims 3 error during startup

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    Sims 3 error during startup

    I lack the capacity to even get into the diversion when I click on Sims 3 a container pops up that states. "There was an Error the same time as startup. Kindly see log for additional portions. Give me a chance to illustrate in portion that is I possess the Sims 3 gatherer's version DVD, and I downloaded the diversion and the most recent fixes without any situations, and I have been playing for a few weeks. Anyhow yesterday I had to uninstall and reinstall the event. Be that as it may this time when I downloaded the patches, I could not open the diversion. It would be ideal if you assist me in taking care of the situation.

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    Re: Sims 3 error during startup

    I was getting this post, so I uninstalled, cleaned the registry, and reinstalled the base amusement just, NO GO. Now the launcher wouldn't even give me mistakes inform, and by the bye, where is that log index it declares to see? Could be supportive if they stated, see the log document and told you where it is. Anyway, I found prompt an as yet undisclosed place to uproot the missingdeps.idx organizer from the Sims 3/dcchache envelope (in my archives) and that regardless permitted me to see the launcher again, and it declared I would have done well to overhaul with a patch. Then again when that I have upgraded the patch then afterward the situation is settled.

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    Re: Sims 3 error during startup

    I think that you have to follow the steps to solve the problem:-
    • First off all you have to uninstall the whole game.
    • After that you have to just delete the custom content and after that just move that in the desktop and then wiped that out from the computer.
    • And then install the base game.
    • And then reinstalled the video cards and the video card that is the best for the computer.
    • And then you have to update the game to the 1.6 version.
    • And then I have tested it and I was happy that it worked.

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    Re: Sims 3 error during startup

    I'm totally positive that following upgrading the motion picture card driver I surmise that the situation could be unraveled. I'll research that when I get a shot. One issue, how did you turn off programmed redesigns at what point the launcher pops up? Being as how when I open the launcher I canít touch anything, it compels me to passageway. When you open your launcher on the alternate hand side there is bind with "redesigns". There you are able to tick them on/off. Attempt it and fill me in as to whether it worked. Or in this case I suspect that you need to erase the CC store memory. Or I suspect that you are able to moreover redesign the driver.

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    Re: Sims 3 error during startup

    Every warm body who has overhauled their movie card drivers, the just alternate thing I am able to prescribe is accompanying precisely what I did. I downloaded and fixed the motion picture card driver then afterward I uninstalled both recreations and reinstalled Sims 3 first. THEN I opened recreation launcher and upgraded to most recent fix. THEN you institute Sims 3 World Adventures and upgrade to that amusement's most cutting edge fix which is at the instant. That procedure worked for me; depending on if you are still getting the same failure following you accompanies those definite strides then I'm out of responses. I could call client uphold (will presumably be some Indian stress that you could not venture to fathom) at 1-650-628-1001 good to go M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST

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    Re: Sims 3 error during startup

    I think that if the problem is not solved then I think that you have to do the following steps to solve the problem:
    • You have to paste the Sims 3 folder in the saving device or the desktop and you have to remove that from the documents.
    • And after that go in the new folder and delete the 5 things that is the saves, screenshots, recorded videos, saved Sims, and downloads.
    • And the last thing you have to perform is those go into the old folder and replace the folders you just deleted with your old folders.

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    Re: Sims 3 error during startup

    Run over to my computer/c drive/program files/electronic arts/sims3. In that organizer there might as well be an additional organizer called "Mods" and "resource.cfg" move both of them to an outside organizer (I constructed a record on desktop called "WA alternate" and put them there) So all you ought to have alternate in there is Caches, Game information, back and thumbnails. You are able to in addition put back CC into the computer/c drive/program files/electronic arts/sims3 but I could just propose putting back things like hair, attire and whatnot. Not any Mods such as awesome mod, figure slider hack and so forth. Until you have backtracked to the place you got it from to check for overhauls or it would be able to spoil your diversion.

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